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The first step to making a lasting change in your life, is recognizing that a change needs to be implemented in the first place. We begin by creating your life map and providing clarity of your current situation. Through awareness, you can recognize where you are not aligned with your life’s desires and open your mind up to a positive lasting change


Life & Style Coaches has over 500 years of combined experience in areas such as nutrition, personal training, psychology, hypnotherapy, financial management, fashion makeover, cooking, home renovation or design, business consulting, leadership building, time management strategies, among others, to provide the tools to create change in any aspect of your life, career or style


One person is not able to provide all the answers or the resources to help you fully integrate your life. At Life & Style Coaches, our innovative and holistic approach to coaching takes into account the 8 factors of health and how they are affecting your life. Once you know your path, our affiliate professionals can assist you in overcoming any negative obstacle you are facing in your life


Our industry professionals offer you assistance through out specific aspects of your journey as you face the new endeavors in your life. Based on your road map, a team of coaches may be assembled to assist you all the way through your journey towards creating your best life.

Welcome to Your Best Life!

Life & Style Coaches was developed with your happiness in mind. Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, stay at home mom, an over all go-getter in life, recently lost your life partner or have gone through a major life change;  we offer a network of affiliated professionals to provide the tools needed to improve any area of your life. First we develop your life or career map to bring awareness to the areas of your life that are misaligned with your desires. Based on your unique map we develop a plan to successfully make the changes and adaptations you need to incorporate a life of true purpose and meaning.

Lifestyle Changes

Break down all areas of your life to become clear on your purpose and be able to align yourself  with the life you wish to live.

Improved Connections

Master your communication skills and improve the way you connect with family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances.

Career Changes

Dissect your life and career to understand whether or not you are in the right path, living in balance and moving towards your highest purpose.

Increased Vitality

Learn about nutrition, eating habits, incorporate physical activity and exercise to live a physically healthy life.

Style Redesign

Love the way you dress, the accessories you wear and how you design your surroundings; as they are an extension of yourself.

Mindset Shift

Understand your psychology and the workings of your mind to master your emotions and the reactions of your mind.

Life & Style Coaches

“My ultimate vision is to improve the overall quality and amount of joy in people’s lives.” -Johanna Godinez 

At Life & Style Coaches, we aim to bring you clarity on your life and the choices you should make to create the life you desire. Whether changing your lifestyle, your wardrobe, redesigning your home or office, growing your business, upgrading your mental attitude, changing your career or developing work life balance to enjoy more family time or leisure activities; we design a team of professionals that will give you the tools to achieve your desired outcomes.

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Clients Testimonials

  • “Life and Style Coaches is truly a one stop shop for anything you wish to incorporate into my life. Johanna helped me break down where I was in my life and helped me figure out what was missing. She introduced Yoga and Meditation to my life and helped me brainstorm concepts to start a non-profit. Today The American Education project is a 501C3 focused on improving the life of students by giving them valuable tools that will allow them the ability to succeed in their life no matter what challenges they have faced in the past.”
    Edward Julick
    Concreations Founder and CEO
  • When I met Johanna I was obese, ashamed of my appearance, with no self esteem and skyrocketing blood pressure, on the verge of a heart attack or stroke. Through yoga she immediately got me to start taking care of myself. She knew when to push me hard, and when to let up and let me reflect. Her introduction to yoga and her support were life changing. Today I am 70 pounds lighter, a certified yoga teacher with a new lease on life, eager to share the gift he has received with others. Johanna was a big part of this gift, a crucial influence in the life changes that I made to better myself and find my purpose. Her compassion, her energy, and her drive are remarkable. If you come to her for help and she takes you on, she simply will not stop until you are on the road to bettering yourself and fulfilling your purpose.  
    Howard Sherman

Coach Testimonials

  • “As a serial global entrepreneur, I find it fascinating being a part of a collaboration of professionals combining their skills to change lives. I have always lived a blessed life in which I have been able to share my passion daily and I am now blessed to share my experience through the platform of Life and Style Coaches.”
    Cory Baehr
    Brand Manager
  • As the founder of Pro-Thrive Science-Based Hypnotherapy I am a part of the Life and Style Coaches Team that assists clients go from habitual surviving to truly thriving in an enriched life.
    Maureen Pisani
    Founder of Pro-Thrive Science-Based Hypnotherapy
  • “I was amazed at the concept Johanna put together with Life and Style Coaches. When searching for happiness you can't guess or generalize; Johanna takes into account every aspect of peoples lives, in order to make sure she can affect any part of life that a person may want to upgrade. As a previous client, I am proud to now have my company join the Life and Style Coaches team. Concreations will redesign your home or office interior or exterior spaces, in order to provide you the quality living or professional space you desire.”
    Edward Julick
  • As a person who has found the key to life and happiness, I started Life and Style Coaches as a way to inspire others to take charge of their lives and make all of their dreams come true.
    Johanna Godinez
    Founder and Coach